2015 John Lewis Christmas Advert – Man on the Moon


Lily, a young girl, starred in the 2015 John Lewis Christmas Advert. This simple clip has taught the world to show their love and appreciation for the people in their life.

One night, Lily was looking at the moon through their family telescope. Guess what she saw? The man on the moon! Not just his silhouette nor was it just her imagination. There was a small house, and she watched on as the man went about his daily routine. Oftentimes he was sitting on the bench, all alone, without any idea that someone’s thinking of him.

The young girl was quite determined to send the old man on the moon a message. She tried rolling a piece of paper where she scribbled a colorful note, then shot it from her bow and arrow to no avail. On Christmas day, Lily successfully sent her lovely present that’s been tied to balloons. This gift ultimately connected the two, each from the earth and moon, across the vastness of space.