3 Year Old Mateo And The Cupcakes


In this video we are taken to a YouTube clip of a little 3 year old boy named Mateo. The video starts after the fact so we don’t see what exactly it is that Mateo has done but he is definitely pleading his case for it. It appears that he has tried to get some cupcakes after his mom said he couldn’t have any and she is explaining to him that he doesn’t listen. He proves her right because everytime she goes to speak to him, he says “Linda, listen”. He even closes his eyes as he speaks to her as if he is trying to find the patience to talk to her because she is not listening to him. She explains that she is the mom and he is the child but Mateo is not having it at all. At one point he says “Linda, honey listen”. Mom finally gives up and tells Mateo that she is done arguing with him!