Zany Ukraine Dancer Performs a Charleston-Style Dance and Wows Judges


Ksenia Parkhatskaya is one of the most talented and energetic dancers you will ever meet! Her audition by a song will have you mesmerized. This performer is an old soul and evokes the twenties with her cool dancenumber. It is amazing to see the level of energy this dancer brings to the table as she wows the audience and judges.

Not only canKsenia Parkhatskaya dance like a diva, she can also sing like an angel. Her twenties style is present in her singing, her clothing, and in her dance style. You will love her zany dance moves and the way she seems to light up when she is on stage. This young lady is surely on her way to stardom and is loving every minute of the action along the way. No matter your musical style, this is an audition you will not want to miss, even if you cannot understand the language.

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