4 Sisters Onstage Wow the BGT 2016 Audience and Judges


When the Garnett Family hit the Britain’s Got Talent 2016 stage on May 7, the audience went wild over their rendition of “Take Me Home”. To say they impressed the BGT’s panel of discerning judges, which includes the ever scowling Simon Cowell, would be an understatement. Even he had to smile at the 4 Sisters Onstage. They were truly mesmerized by their vocal talents and we are, too! Simon likes to look tough, but he’s really just a big softy when it comes to amazingly talented people. Even his scruffy new appearance can’gt hide that.

This May night during week five of this 2016 season’s auditions is made so much better by these 4 Sisters Onstage. Their voices meld so well together to turn “Take Me Home” into the perfect harmony. And, the audience seems to agree as they cheer for the singers. I you love good harmony, you’ve got to hear these girls. And, if you have friends who do, too, share this video with them. It’ll be music to their ears, too!

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