Amazing Singer Gets Standing Ovation


28 year old Brian Justin Crum did not expect to get the reaction he did on Americas Got Talent. Being from San Diego, Brian has gone through a lot when he was a child, and it’s been a dream of Brian’s to become a singer. With his mom supporting him from the audience, Brian belts out “Somebody To Love” from Queen. The powerful cover got him a standing ovation, even from the judges, with many in the crowd in tears from his passionate performance.
He’s been singing even early in life, like performing in the musical Wicked when he was just 17. He’s done many other things, but for now he is living in L.A, trying to make a name for himself. He’s still performing in America’s Got Talent, with critics saying there’s a 7-4 chance he is going to win. The season isn’t even over yet but Crum is gathering a huge fanbase over social media, and is most likely going to become an amazing star.