A College Student Who Has Depression Shares Her Experience With the World Through a Tattoo


Many people who have depression suffer in silence for a lot of reasons. This is partly due to the fact that there is still a stigma against having depression and admitting to having depression. As the girl in this video demonstrates, it is also because many people with depression have a tendency to blame themselves, feeling vulnerable all the while.

She was inspired to open up about her experience when one of her professors opened up about her own experience with depression. This already proves that the act of people talking about depression often has a tendency to get other people to confront their own problems. The college student was inspired to get a tattoo that symbolized her emotional state, and this allowed her to grab the attention of the Internet. Her story managed to go viral, and it is now the sort of thing that is opening up more of a conversation about depression. This is something that truly takes both will and talent.