When He Starts Dancing, The Bones in His Body Disappear.


In the video below, JustSomeMotion or(JSM) dances to Parov Stellar’s “All Night.” In the amazing video, you can see the perfection in the dance moves that he has clearly mastered. He is obviously a talented dancer; no one can make such a fluid motion with their legs unless they are natural. That is not the only dance he has done because there are multiple other dances on his channel and from the over 30 million views he has received, it’s obvious he is a talented man.
Watching him dance in his attic, I wonder whether many of us let our children lose their talents because we never encourage them to be the best. Next time you see your son or daughter dancing to their best tune, ask yourself how good they can be at dancing if given a chance. This young man is an inspiration to all of us to make good use of what we have to make a difference for ourselves, if not for the rest of the world.

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