60 Year-Old Teacher Gets High School Crowd Roaring with Hip Hop Performance


This 60 year-old teacher proves that age ain’t nothin’ but a number as she tears up the gym floor in this awesome hip hop number. Accompanied by students in the end, Mrs. Clements (or Ms. “C” as she’s called) begins her performance with a solo rap act that transitions into a full-on choreographed dance number.
Moving to Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk,” Ms. C spares nothing as she shows she can keep up with the teenagers she’s dancing with. As the gym is flooded by a team of both teenage boys and girls, Ms. C is still at center stage doing her thing – everyone else is just and accessory. She just keeps hitting her marks and doesn’t miss a hop or turn, and the students watching her are all cheering in total amazement.
Clearly she’s loved by all the students at her high school, but you don’t have to be a student to appreciate her talent – particularly in the end as she stands on her head and spins. This 60-year-old teacher is as old as my grandmother was when I was in high school, but my grandma never danced like this!

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