A cop with more time then crime


It’s not every day that you get to see inside the life of a cop and what they go through each day. While this is not a documentary nor is a real life experience of what happens with everyday officers, it happens to be a hilarious example of some of the things that cops do to have a little fun on the job. This is a compilation of many of the vine posts that Officer Daniels has made over the years. It takes the stereotype cop and makes it even funnier with different things that mostly happen while in the car.

While most of the antics in the vine posts are planned out, there are sure to be things in there that happened while he was on the job, hopefully while he was on his break. Whatever happens in the videos could haunt him and his career for life, but they sure do show a great sense of humor when it comes to dealing with the job.

Warning for those who have a problem with foul language. Spoken by adults and children in the videos are scenes that contain profanity. While it is hilarious the way it is used it might be offensive to some.

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