A Surprise Performance From Sir Elton John


Commuters at St. Pancras International Station received a real treat in the form a surprise performance by the one and only Sir Elton John. There was a big piano sitting in the middle of floor and out walks Elton John. The crowd was applauding and catching this surprise moment on their smartphones. He sits down at the piano and begins to play some of his greatest hits. However, he did not do any singing, instead he let the crowd enjoy the beautiful acoustic versions of the songs. He played songs like: Tiny Dancer, Benny and The Jets, and a song off of his new album, to name a few. The crowd was smiling and recording him and once he was done, he grabbed a pen and went back to the piano. He begin to sign the piano and announced that it was his gift to the station and everyone cheered. This was truly a great performance, especially since it was a surprise and of course because it was Elton John!!