This Adele Cover Will Make You Hit Replay Again and Again!


There are very few videos that are so good, you’ll hit replay. Unlike the gazillion Adele covers plastered all over the Internet, this one is a keeper! Eleven-year-old Merideth Puckett can belt out “Rolling in the Deep” almost as good as Adele. In fact, this little lady might just give her a run for her money.

Whether you are an Adele fan, love the song or simply love to be entertained with fabulous talent, you’ll hit replay when you watch this video, guaranteed! This viral video sensation takes your breath away from the first words to the last. If you’re looking for Merideth to hit a bad note or falter, you won’t see it happen. She perfectly nails the words, rhythm and nuances that make Adele’s songs a thing of beauty.

Though only time will tell, Merideth Puckett appears to have a bright musical career ahead of herself. Listen to this melodic masterpiece and you’ll hit replay time and time again because you won’t be able to get enough of her beautiful rendition of this Adele classic.

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