Alexandra Burke


On the Finale of X Factor in 2008, one of the final 2 contestants really stood out to the crowd. Alexander Burke, age 20 during her run on the show, sang the song “Hallejulah” and got a standing ovation for it. She sang with grace and compassion as she wowed the crowd, and gave what Simon Cowell described as an unbelievable performance. She ended up winning X Factor, with a vote of 58% after 8 million people voted. She released a single of “Hallejulah”, which she sang with the other contestants. At times she was to moved by it all to sing, and the single sold over 1 million copies. Burke received a recording contract with Synco, a Sony music brand, after winning. But in 2009 she reportedly signed a contract with Epic Records for a 5- album contract. She is preparing to release her third album next year.
Note to author: I usually focus more on the backstory behind artists like these, but I felt that her success even after winning X Factor was something that shouldn’t be passed up.