Amazing Acapella Music Video


If you’ve seen Pitch Perfect the you would know what acapella is. For those that have not, acapella is singing without the music. Some people can be in the background making noises together to make something of musical notes, but no actual musical instruments are used. They have becoming increasing popular over the years, and admittedly some people do it better then others.

Take Peter Hollen, whose seen singing “Mary, Did You Know?” acapella style. In fact, it’s what he is known for. The video has over 5 million views due to it’s impressiveness, but peter has well over 1 million subscribers to his channel. In his videos he makes all the music himself, no instruments are ever involved. This particular song he did because his viewers requested it, and he did not disappoint. The church is an excellent background the song, and you can see all the times he had to layer his own voice over to make the music. Peter seems to be one of the most successful Acapella youtubers out there, and due to his talent, he will continue to be.

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