Australian Guitarist Wows Audience at Talent Show Audition


In this video, Tom Ward, a young Australian guitarist wows both the audience and the judges at an audition for Australia’s Got Talent in 2011.

The 28-year-old musician begins his act sat on a stool with those in attendance not quite sure what to expect. He starts quite slowly and gathers in pace as he goes on, demonstrating superb strumming skills.

By the latter stages of Tom Ward’s performance, the judges are simply laughing and smiling each other, in amazement at just how good he is. After bringing his act to a close, the audience let out a huge cheer.

The judges voted Tom Ward through and he eventually reached the semi-finals of the show, before going out after falling short in the public vote. Away from Australia’s Got Talent, the classical guitarist is a renowned street performer.

The audition video went viral and has currently been viewed almost 22 million times on YouTube.

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