A Beautiful Duet Between Two Talented Artists


David Foster held a one night only concert and had some well known talented artist perform. Amongst the people performing was Andrea Bocelli, who is already on the stage. David announces Katharine Mcphee’s name and says she will be singing “The Prayer”. Katharine walks out looking very stunning and positions herself near Andrea, who is standing near the piano. The two hold hands and begin to sing the song, as David plays the piano. Both singers are incredibly talented and they sound great together. The range of their voices almost gives you chills. There is a image of a tree in the background and a blue sky. The image is really calming and goes well with the song. There’s even a live orchestra playing their instruments and they sound great. When the song is done, everyone gives them a standing ovation and cheers loudly. Then, Andrea and Katharine walk off the stage together, arm in arm.

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