Beautifully Dance Routine By Two Young Sisters


In this video, we are taken to the JamFest Dance Super Nationals to see a routine done by two young sisters. The sisters are Quincy and Gracie Latkovski and they are both dancers at Dance Unlimited Inc., in Louisville, Kentucky. The dance starts with both sisters in wheelchairs, one manual and one power. The younger sister goes to a mirror and starts to dance with her arms. The older sister is on the other side of the mirror and is mimicking her sister’s move. The older sister then gets up and comes out of the mirror and starts dancing around the stage. It is now made evident that the younger sister is wheelchair bound but uses her chair to dance along with her sister. At the end of their beautiful and powerful performance, the older sister goes back into the mirror, sits down in the wheelchair, and the two begin to mimic each other again.

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