Ben Blaque and His Crossbow Thrill at Britain’s Got Talent 2016


During auditions week number, for Britain’s Got Talent in 2016, Ben Blaque thrilled the audience and judges with his crossbow routine. Blaque, a 36 year old man who traveled from Springfield, Missouri in the United States of America to perform his act, performed a few astonishing acts that terrified both the crowd and the judges. While his act started a bit vanilla, things kept getting more daring as the show progressed. Starting with shooting a balloon from his beautiful assistant’s hand, he moved on to shooting the balloon while it was in her mouth. He then asked a judge for their phone, and used the camera for his eyes as he shot at a balloon in his assistant’s hand, with his back facing her. For his final act, he asked Simon Cowell to ring a bell, so that he would know where to shoot, since he was blindfolded, so that an apple hanging above his head would be shot.

While Blaque may not have won Britain’s Got Talent for 2016, or America’s Got Talent 2012, he is definitely creative and daring when it comes to his passions.