The Best Performance on The Voice Kids Yet


The Voice Kids – a talent show for children – is known for finding young talent across the globe. This is well known and is seen all the time. What isn’t seen all the time; however, is a level of vocal maturity in The Voice Kids similar to that of the show’s grown up counterpart. Josefien, the little girl appearing in this episode of The Voice Kids, comes on stage, confident and not at all shy, much like every other contestant. She varies from other contestants; however, when we hear her singing voice.

Not only does she hit every note with the utmost accuracy and make vibratos with ease, but she carries the singing voice of an adult woman, giving her an advantage over your typical contestant. While we’ve all seen talent on shows of this type time and time again, you can bet you’ve never seen anything like the following video. Talent, great songs and a girl wise beyond her years – what else could you ask for?

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