Best Proposal of the Year


In this video, an unsuspecting cheerleader gets probably the best surprise of her life, and one of the best proposals of the year is caught on film. Not only are her boyfriend’s words incredibly sweet and heart warming, but he proposes in one the most creative ways that has ever been caught on film in history! The reactions are also something that one should pay attention to while watching the video, as they are incredibly romantic, endearing, and certainly well worth watching.
Watching this video more than once is most definitely necessary as otherwise, you will not catch all of the action and funny moments that go on the first time around. Once the two of them are lifted in the air, you will feel your heart soar, almost like you’re actually there. After he proposes, make sure you’re looking to the left, or you might miss a cute, yet funny, reaction from some of those who are present.

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