The Best Synchronized Skating Ever


Skating has never been easy, but it looks incredible when done by these group of lovely young ladies. This is a video about a team of young female synchronized skaters who wow the crowd at WSSC 2012 Götheborg.

The video starts off when the skaters align themselves for the performance. Basing on the way the audience reacted when the skaters first aligned themselves on the ice field is enough evidence that this group was the crowd’s favorite. Fortunately they didn’t disappoint. It is amazing how they slide past each other in the best way possible.

What makes this team stand out is the fact that they are all ladies of the same size, dressed in appealing costumes and dancing to the background music in a synchronized manner. You need to hear the way the crowd goes loud in accord. The crowd gives them a standing ovation after the performance. This is just the best synchronized skaters videos you need to watch.

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