Bravo For Forro


If you love to dance and or enjoy watching when other people cut the rug in perfect harmony, then you simply must watch this three-minute video titled Bravo For Forro. It is about an adorable young couple that is performing in the Forro de Domingo Festival in Stuttgart, Germany. Valmir and Juzinha thrill the crowd as they dance and twirl around the floor in perfect choreography.
In fact the audience is sitting in a circle surrounding the pair, cheering them on each and every step of the way. They are delighted to see them dance to Forro, which is a type of Brazilian music that originated in Northeaster Brazil. Although the dancers are young, most likely in their late teens or early twenties, it would appear as if they are professionals that have been performing together for years. Bravo For Forro is a must see video that you will truly enjoy watching.

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