Brian Friedman Perfoms A Flawless Dance Routine Set To Danity Kane’s Rhythm Of Love


Brian Friedman teams up with the music of Danity Kane to release this amazing and upbeat dance routine to the hit song Rhythm Of Love. With the help of a group of talented and expressive back up dancers who elude conviction and dedication to the beat of the music, the song comes alive.
Follow the visual journey of feel good music as the tempo ignites a playful spirit within you that will make you want to get and join in on the fun. As you become immersed in the routines, you will see the intricacy of the complete combinations of fast moving arm, hips and head movements.
You won’t want to blink, too scared to miss even the slightest move, as each dancer contributes collaboratively to the attention grabbing visual interpretation of the Rhythm Of Love, or the love of the rhythm when you appreciate the sense of precise unison. Watch as each move is executed with the exactness and perfection that Brian Friedman is reputable for delivering time after time.