Britain’s Got Talent Takes it Off!


What started out looking like a flop performance on Britain’s Got Talent, turned out to be a shocking smash!Thecontestantintroduced himself as Lewis from London, and proceeded to start singing a rendition of “Let’s Get it On”, a song made famous by Marvin Gaye.
Things were going okay until Lewis faltered. The audience and the judges were hot under the collar for an awkward moment,as several young men posing as crew membersrushed the stageassumingly to escort the frozen singer off the set.
What happened next was astounding! The “crew” shed their jackets (and quite a bit more clothing) as theylaunched into a sexy dance routine.It takes a lot to impress judge Simon Cowell; however, even he wassurprised.
The groupparticularly impressed judge David Walliams, who went onstage to offer water to one of the dancers who got particularly overheated and couldn’t speak.
The audience began to cheer for Walliams to “take it off” as well; however, the comedian didn’t think that was something the crowd wanted to see, especially after viewing this group of dancers , all of whom were in excellent shape.
What started out as just another contestant “choking up” during a Britain’s Got Talent performance, turned out to be part of a clever act by this British man and his friends.Theywon a unanimous “yes” vote from the judges.

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