Britain’s Got Young Talent and Old Talent


The show Britain’s Got Talent tends to focus on younger competitors, regardless of the specific skill. Seeing preteen competitors is often going to be more common than seeing elderly competitors, which is part of what makes this video so special. The Cocooners, the dance group seen in this video, immediately distinguish themselves by all being over the age of sixty. The Cocooners quickly give a tap dancing performance that gets a round of applause from the audience.

Elderly performers rarely get the attention that they deserve. The media tends to focus on the young or the middle-aged. People who are genuinely elderly often become invisible at a certain stage of their lives. Seeing elderly performers defy that unfortunate trend can be inspiring in its own right. The Cocooners would be impressive enough in that regard alone. The fact that they are also talented dancers just makes their performance that much more unique and inspiring to everyone watching.

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