British Ukulele Band Blends Music and Comedy


The Ukulele is seldom thought of as a concert instrument; however, the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain mixes fun and music for a truly incredible performance.
Seeing them siting down in formal attire, one would imagine that they would be performing classical music from centuries past. Instead, this talented group launches into a down home rendition of Orange Blossom Special, a song made popular by American country singer Johnny Cash when he released and album of the same name in 1965. Interspersed in the country song is a medley of snatches of modern rockhits like Sunshine of Your Love and Smoke on the Water.
The timing of the group is impeccable, and is clearly demonstrated when they suddenly play each other’s instruments and then all get together and commandeer the ukulele of a lead player, when he steals the center seat of a player bymotioning tohim that he has a phone call.
The British Ukulele Orchestra is a band on a mission to provide old fashioned entertainment wherever they perform.

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