Broadway Baby! This 4 Year Old Girl Steals the Show


Most people have been to a dance recital where, when the girls are young, you just learn to expect the unexpected. This is because when you’re dealing with pre-school aged kids, there are always one or two that stand out from the rest. Sometimes it’s good, and sometimes, well, not so much. In this case, however, it’s all good, and no one can take their eyes off one 4 year-old girl who clearly has her own version of the routine. Sure makes for great entertainment!
Standing in a line to show off their tap-dancing skills to their proud parents, most of these little girls struggle with either stage fright or remembering which moves come next. But all that doesn’t matter to this one young girl in particular, who absolutely steals the show. Not only does she remember her moves, she puts her own spin on them and sings along with the Broadway tune to boot!
Of course, there’s a downside to being so confident: it’s making some of the other little girls question their learned dance moves. But, hey, who needs choreography, anyway, right? When you’ve got as much energy and sass as this adorable little girl – second from the end – you get to make up your own version of the dance! If you’ve ever wanted to smile until your cheeks hurt, this video will do it. No stage fright here… this is absolutely adorable.

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