Celebrating 100 Year Birthday with Steve Harvey


Steve Harvey is a talented comedian and talk show host. He is social and gets along well with his audience member. This member of the audience is about to celebrate her 100th birthday. He has a special message for her and she has a special request for him.
Steve gives a special birthday wish to this woman who is turning 100 and wanted to see go to his show on her birthday. She is fully aware of what is going on. Her mind is found and she looks pretty good for being 100 years old. This woman has something that she wants to do. Now that she turned 100 she said her first cuss world.
The audience loves Steve and his special guest. It is not everyday someone makes it to 100 and is still of sound mind. He makes her laugh and makes this milestone birthday a very special one for this guest. It is not everyday someone turns 100 and decides to celebrate it on TV.

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