Child Music Prodigy


Every so often some young child somewhere as young as they are inspired. And in the case of our Caleb T, his talent is beyond any measure. This five year can sing. His vocal abilities from the range to the tone are that of person that has been doing it forever.His rendition of ‘AM GONE TO LET IT SHINE’ is as soulful as the original version. The song in itself is a staple of gospel and very main stream RnB singer from the great Whitney Houston to pop star Michael Jackson have testifies to conquering the song.
And Caleb T does not only wonders with the song but proves yet once again that talented musician are still out there. I mean from the beginning of the song how he slows down the tempo to the chorus where he braces the vocal challenge to smooth taper at the end. Good Job Caleb T, you are genuine music savant.

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