A classic video of Dolly Parton and friends


There are now many videos on the web that show classic television footage that was once aired to many millions of viewers. This is one such video and is an enjoyable look at a classic country music video that was shot in an atmospheric studio setting.

In this video we see three incredible country singers carrying out a well delivered ballad on the Dolly Parton variety show. This video was shot many years ago and this can be scene in the retro style of the studio, that the girls are singing in. As well as Dolly Parton, two other beautiful country singers sing away in time with the gentle music and carry out a well coordinated piece of music.

This video will appeal to Individuals who enjoy good quality country music but will also appeal to those who appreciate good classic music that was filmed on television for the whole world to see. To watch and enjoy this video, click on the following link.

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