Clear the dance floor when this kid is around


When the dance floor clears it usually means that a couple is going to dance, or that a special dancer is going to perform all by themselves. This is no exception to this rule in this short video either. While the video only lasts just under the two minute mark, it shows the incredible talent of a gifted dancer. But why would this video be any more special than any other dancer on the floor? Well how about because he happens to be two years old!

To the tune of “Jailhouse Rock” this two year old puts on the jive and gets his groove going on the floor. He knows his moves too as he works his body to the music, and to the beat of the audience that is cheering him on. Not sure if he has practiced these moves, watched them from someone else, or just picked it up on his own, but for a two year old he has more moves then most people. He ends his little dance perfectly and to the tune of a few high fives from his fans.

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