A comedic dragon with a touch of sarcastic whit


America’s Got Talent 2015 has some rare talent that shows up on stage. From comedians to magicians and everything in the middle and eventually you get to Piff the Magic Dragon. A stage performer that happens to be a magician and a comedian rolled into one he hails from Las Vegas and is looking for a chance to perform. The first few minutes give you a little bit of backstage story telling about himself and what he does. Keep in mind the entire time he is wearing a dragon costume.

When he finally gets on stage to perform he has his bag of tricks with him, although he doesn’t take much out of it. Instead he answers some questions with a touch of sarcastic whit before he puts on his magic act. He starts by calling out Heidi and making her get up on stage with him. He then performs a funny card trick in which he gets the card wrong and tells everyone that Heidi made a mistake. Then with his magic he turn the card into the right one, keeping Heidi’s signature on the card.

As the judges start to talk about his performance he takes out a banana and starts to eat it. He also walks down to the stage and talks with all the judges in person. This was not only a refreshing performance, but one that was completely unpredictable, taking everyone by surprise, including the judges. Needless to say this sarcastic little dragon is definitely going on to the next stage of performers.

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