A Cool Ad By Carlsberg Beer


In this video, we are taken to a movie theater that is full of bikers. There are exactly 148 male bikers, covered in tattoos and wearing leather. They are sitting in this full theater taking up all the seats except for two. The two empty seats are basically right in the middle of the theater. Out in the lobby are couples, who will come in one at a time, to see the movie. The concept is to see just which couples will leave and which couples will stay. Naturally, as each couple comes in, they are shocked to see a theater full of hard core and intimidating bikers. Their reactions are priceless!! You can see just how nervous they are and try to find some empty seats. Several couples scan the theater and leave, while there are a few brave ones that actually make their way to the empty seats. The couples who do sit down are then surprised by a spotlight that is on them, Carlsberg beers from the guys beside them, and cheering and clapping from all of the bikers in theater. The theater screen then says “That calls for a Carlsberg”.

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