This Dance Group From Japan Will Really Blow Your Mind!


This episode of American’s Got Talent will truly amaze you. A group of dancers, from the country of Japan, have came to the show to perform a really Mind-Bending routine. By utilizing optical illusions, the group has a really unique dance routine like no one else. You can tell that the judges are really impressed by the comments they are making during the performance. The crowd seems to really love the group as well!

One of the highlights of the performance, is when one of the dancers seems to have fallen down. When he hits the floor, his head appears to have fallen off and rolls across the stand. Everyone is shocked and amazed when this strange thing happens. But then the dancer gets up and starts to move around the stage again. At the end of the dance routine, the judges all weigh in and then something amazing happens! One of the judges hits the golden button and the group moves forward in the competition!

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