Dance Moves That Will Make a Person Scream


Judges have seen a lot of the years. Even this act surprised the judge. The judges SCREAMED when a participant did this one stage. On America’s Got Talent Kenichi Ebina performs a Matrix style martial arts dance and it certainly go the attention of everyone.
The thing that made the judges scream made everyone in the audience scream and shriek as well. At one point during his act Kenichi falls on his head but that it all part of his dance moves . For a split second people are wondering if he is hurt until his moves kick in. Kenichi has a great dance act and has got the moves. People have never seen moves like this before. To some fans the act does get out to a sort of slow start. Once Kenichi gets moving everyone is one their feet looking at him dance. This is a great performance and takes a lot of skill to pull off these moves.

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