Debbie Boone Shows Her Talent In Video For “You Light Up My Life”


This is such a beautiful song showing the talent that Debbie Boone has as a singer. Her voice took this song to number one in 1977, and many people have loved it since then. She has such an incredible talent, and everything about the way that she sings this song is great. She looks good, too, and you will love watching her in this video.
This is such a special thing, and this song really holds a lot of meaning for many. This is one of those tunes that you won’t be able to get out of your head when you hear it because it is just so special and pretty. The lyrics are amazing, and the way that Debbie Boone brings this song to life is something truly special. You are going to love every bit of this video, as you watch her sing the song and take in the beautiful lyrics and melody.