The Dog Dance You Have to See!

Dogs are known to be man’s best friend and to stick by their masters through thick and thin. But did you know that they could dance as well? And maybe even dance better than you?!Here you will see that the dog not only understands his lady master’s signs but also dances to her tunes as she asks him to! With an Indian song playing in the background, the lady master starts off the dance with simple moves but as the song progresses the dog starts following her moves and dances in synch with her just as he asks him to.

The dog bends himself, rises high up, takes full turns, rolls over on the ground, gets up on two legs and even passes between his master’s two legs when given the clue to do so. In one of the steps the dog places his feet on his masters and dances with her. The animal does not miss a single clue in the entire video and the ease with which he masters each step is worth viewing. Share it with your friends and spread the smile!

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