Don’t Judge a Book by the Cover, Especially when it’s Not Sung by an English Speaker


While the man singing this might speak some English, or even be fluent in it, those listening aren’t native English speakers. However, they recognize the song, and he’s done such a fantastic job, not only do all of the judges get excited, but so does the entire crowd. Native English speakers will most likely know this song, and soon realize when listening to him that he sings it perfectly! They not only give him a whole lotta love, but a whole lotta adoration, too.

In this country’s version of a talent search, the judges don’t face the contestant until they’ve listened for a while and also gotten interested enough to push the big red ball in front of them. This swings their chairs around. The pretty blonde is the last one to go for it, and she’s quite thrilled with her choice, and probably wishes that she wouldn’t have waited so long. The artist is sporting a full bad-boy look, but his voice is a perfect mixture of sexual suggestiveness, sweetness, and mysteriousness, all wrapped up into one smooth vocalization. Well worth watching a couple of times, maybe even a few. Really! He’s that good.

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