Duo Wind Acrobat Dancers Bring Sensuous Moves to Life


One look at the performance of Duo Wind, and it’s clear they are not your ordinary circus style acrobats. The beautiful duo take acrobatics a step into a sexyathletic dance, with fluid movements that tell the story of how men and women relate to each other.
The intimate mood is set by their costumes–the man is bare-chested and barefooted, dressed only in jeans; she is wearing a white camisole and short panties.
Each flip, twist, and turn represents the push and pull of attraction, as each go from pursuer to the pursued. She runs toward him, and then he seems to chase her. He lifts her over his head, and she covers his face with her camisole. He creeps towards her, she pulls away, but then unexpectedly launches herself into his arms. It’s acrobatics that take us on a romantic ride of style and grace, asinterpreted by this team. Blending acrobatic skill withethereal choreography, to the tune of “Just A Phase” by the rock band Incubus, this act is one not to be missed.
This act is presented by Linda Dorj Artists, http://lindadorjartists.com/, a company that sponsors unique and intriguing acrobatic performers from all over the world.

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