Ever Seen Dogs Play A Guitar? You Have To Watch This! So Interesting!


The first time I watched this clip I did not really understand how dogs could play a guitar. It took my attention especially how the two played the song called blue grass. The dogs are dressed in a funny way. This is very interesting. When it begins, one may think it’s real but after some time you will eventually realize what’s going on.

As much as the clip is not that realistic, it is wonderful. People have it in their minds that dogs are the cleverest animals. For those who believe that, seeing the video start made them clap their hands. Anyway, dogs can be trained to do many things. I still wonder why they chose to use “dogs” in this clip. I find myself asking questions what is unique about this video but I do not get it clear.

The “dog” on the right side is quite funny. I just found myself laughing hysterically particularly when he faces down and allows his tongue to move out. The other “dog” is quite busy. Yes busy! That’s the word. He appears younger and seems to be taken by the music. At some point I just wish that dogs could sing for real.

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