Evlis Presley Performs Classic Tune The Lady Loves Me


Lucky Jackson (Elvis) heads to Las Vegas, Nevada where he participates in the city’s first Grand Prix Race. However, he finds that his race car, an Elva Mk. VI, needs a new motor so that he can compete in the event.

Lucky goes to Las Vegas to raise the necessary money, then loses it when the hotel’s nubile swimming instructor, Rusty played by Ann-Margaret, shoves him into the pool. He then needs to work as a waiter in the same hotel to regain the money he lost and cover his hotel bill. He also enters the hotel’s talent contest trying to win the cash prize that will pay for his car’s new engine.

During this entire time, he is still attempting to win the affections of the swimming instructor, Rusty. Rusty eventually falls for Lucky, and tries to change him into the kind of man that she wants him to be.

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