An excellent cover of Celine Dion’s song by a 10 year-old girl


There are plenty of excellent videos that feature covers of popular songs. Often times, singers will bring a truly fresh and unique take to the popular songs that they’re covering. In this video, Cydel Gabutero is covering Celine Dion’s classic song ‘The Power of Love.’ Cydel Gabutero’s powerful voice is immediately apparent, and she creates a sound that is truly distinct from Celine Dion’s iconic vocal styling.

While many artists that are performing covers merely replicate the songs that they are covering, there is no mistaking Cydel Gabutero’s performance for Celine Dion’s vocalizations.

Cydel Gabutero’s extreme youth will immediately be noticeable to the viewer. Cydel Gabutero is only ten years old, and has the vocal talent and technique of someone significantly older. She is performing this song from a recording studio in front of a large microphone, making it look as if the viewers are visiting her at the recording studio itself. People that hear this video may immediately move on to Cydel Gabutero’s other videos.

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