Father and daughter dance to popular music


This short video starts off by showing a young girl start dancing to the song “Watch Me”. The song has a catchy tune to it, and is popular with it playing on the radio as often as possible. This young lady really knows how to move as she shakes it up and dances her heart out. You have to keep watching the video though for a bit of a change that happens about half way through.

The father then steps in wearing coveralls and a cowboy hat and starts dancing to the song as well. These two quickly coordinate and begin dancing together it what can only be described as an amazing dance. Not only do the two of them stay in sync with each other but with the beat of the music as well. Not sure if the dad did this intentionally or if he was trying to mess with his daughter while she was trying to have a little fun. Either way he managed to keep up with the beat and the two of them put on a great little performance as a team. The girl dances off the camera towards the end of the video leaving just the dad there by himself.

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