French Boogie Woogie Dancers Entertain Festival Crowd


In this video, two French Boogie Woogie dancers – William Mauvais and Maeva Truntzer – thrill the crowd with a fast-paced boogie.

Jiving to the piano, bass and drums, the two dancers showcase their brilliant footwork with a variety of quick steps and moves. The skilful act regularly earns applause from the audience. The performance comprises of plenty of spins and nifty leg work and the dedication to their act is evident with their perfect synchronization.

The dancers, who are known as Will and Maeva, are popular dancers from the south of France and the pair have won multiple competitions, including the World Boogie Woogie Championships four times.

Pianist Silvan Zingg is playing the song “Dancin’ The Boogie” and the Swiss musician has gained popularity around the world. He founded the International Boogie Woogie Festival which takes place every year.

This fast-paced boogie woogie dance took place in August 2004 at the LaRoquebrou Festival.

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