Gifted Teens “Put in Work” with Matt Steffanina


Matt Steffania, dancer and choreographer most famous for his online hip-hop dance tutorials, creates more stunning choreography for everyone around the world to use. This time, he uses the song “Work from Home” by Fifth Harmony and gives talented teenagers in Los Angeles and New York City an opportunity to showcase their skills. This choreography had everything from popping, locking, isolation, and everyone’s favorite move, twerking.
Kaycee, 14-year-old star dancer from Los Angeles, had a standout performance in the video. Executing her moves with sharpness and finesse, she ended her dance with some knee and back-breaking moves (don’t try this at home, kids!).
Another talent shiningthrough was Will. Although performing the same choreography, Will’s delivery was smoother and more playful. He ended his performance with something you shouldn’t try at home as well.
The platform Matt Steffania has built to allow kids to showcase their talent, along with providing online dance tutorials has truly changed kids’ lives forever. Great job, Matt!