A girl with her dog perfroming an amazing dance routine


After watching this video you will see that Simon Cowell is not the meanie that everyone says he is. Well, at least not when he is is pleased with a performance.

It starts with a young lady by the name of Ashleigh, and her dog Pudsey talking to the hosts of Britan’s got talent. When it starts we are not sure what to expect but, as she walks onto the stage with Pudsey it is easy to see that she plans to do a routine with her beloved dog.

It is very obvious that Pudsey loves Ashleigh and that the two of them have spent a lot of time together. After a humbling welcome, and Simon’s mention of how adorable Pudsey is, their routine starts. A dance routine with alternating leads between Ashleigh and her magnificent mutt. Dancing to the theme of “The Flintstones” they deliver a flawless performance that is followed by a well deserved standing ovation, started by Simon himself.

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