A Groundbreaking Performance By A 14 Year Old. Watch It Out!


The video shows us one of the best performances I have ever come across. I always find myself watching the performance though it was done a long time ago. The song is performed by a fourteen year old girl who is called Jackie Evancho. This performance stunned the audience in Las Vegas. She performed a song by the name “bridge over trouble water.”

This youngster managed to compete during the America’s Got Talent at the age of ten. This girl has amazing vocal skills and she emerged as the second during her participation on the television hit show. This real shows that the young girl has a future and a life time career that that will take her to the places she never expected. She has talent!

Jackie is still pursuing her passion as an artist and the clip bellow was recorded during her performance on March 2013.This happened during the world water day in Las Vegas. This day is meant to create awareness to the public about the relationship between energy and water.
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