Guitar Star Patron Wows With Impromptu Spectacular Performance


It seemed like just another day at the music store when a young man suddenly began a show-stopping performance for the owner and spectators. The kid in question, Brendan McFarlane, sings the blues with heart and soul that few seasoned performers can achieve on their best day.
The owner stopped him as he wanted to make sure others could see this as well. He asked Brandan if he just “woke up one day and could sing like that?” Brandan sings about the tribulations of working like he has just come off a stretch doing hard labor; however, he is just a child with an extraordinary talent.
Accompanied by a fabulousguitarist, this youthful singer made the day of everyone in the shop and all the video audience. This rendition of this hauntingsong makes it clear that some talents are just born. The late, great Sam Cooke, who along with the Soul Stirrers, originally recorded “Just Another Day” would be quite proud.