Hidden talent that only comes out in the car


This is a video that shows what a daughter thinks about the hidden talent of her father. The man in the driver’s seat is named Kris Jones and he loves to sing in the car. He doesn’t like to be recorded though as for him it is nothing but fun. He sings right along with the songs on the radio and right before they head out he notices his daughter recording him. He covers her phone with his hand and thinks she has the recorder turned off when she moves it away. Little does he know that she recorded the entire think and posted it for everyone to see his wonderful talent.

Kris is singing the song, “Tennessee Whiskey”, and he sings it very smoothly. In fact, if you didn’t know any better you would think that he was lip synching the entire song, and the radio was just turned up really loud. If you wait till close to the three-minute mark though you will notice that he misses a note, so you can see it is really him singing the song. Other than that small misstep he sings the entire song beautifully, even waiting until the song is over before he turns off the car and the camera goes off.