A homeless boy steals Korea’s Got Talent show


It started with America’s Got Talent and blossomed to other countries as well. With this version of Korea’s Got Talent a young man goes on stage to sing like you will never believe. For the first few minutes of the video you get his backstory. This 22 year old young man has lived on the streets from age five. He sold gum and energy drinks for 10 years, taking his GED for grade school and middle school. He doesn’t think he sings well, but does like it. High School was the first school he went to, taking some lessons there when it comes to music and singing.

As the judges listen to his story asking some questions they then ask him to sing. While the song is in Korean, you don’t need to understand the words in order to get the mood and tone of the song. Sung-bong sings his heart out while humbly standing on the stage. When you look at the judges and the audience not only is everyone shocked, but there is not a dry eye in the place. You will bring yourself to tears watching this video, but to see this young man’s story and to hear his voice it is worth the tears.

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