How a Street Cat Saved James Bowen From Poverty and Loneliness


James Bowen never thought his life would change when he started feeding a stray. He took the cat, who he named Bob, home and gave him the creature comforts of life. He was planning on nursing Bob back to health and then letting Bob decide how he wanted to live the rest of his live(s).

But Bob decided that with James Bowen, busking on the street to make ends meet, was where he wanted to be. Bob stayed so close to James that he became somewhat of a celebrity. People started to come just to see Bob dressed up in a costume or hanging on James’ shoulders for a photo op.

James wrote a book about his adventures called “A Street Cat Named Bob”. Bob’s story has spent a year on the best seller list, and this summer it is coming to America. This cat really changed James’ life, and their bond is amazing to watch in this video.


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